Github Projects

Here are some of my github projects I have worked on in the past.

Modstr App

Modstr, is a social app for car enthusiasts to share their car builds. THey can also keep track of the timeline of their car with the mods they have added. Check out Modstr on the App Store and Google Play Store

Screeps Codebase

Screeps is multi-player online game focused on writing scripts to control AI like ants to complete tasks, collect resources, and defend against enemies. This is the codebase I wrote for the game.

Meteor Uno Card Game

This was a interactive cardgame using the technology of Meteor. You can play with another player and host multiple rooms. Note: Uno is owned by Hasbro this non-commercial project.

Unity Projects

Here are some of my unity projects I have been working on.

Swurvey VR Plugin

This is a unity plugin I did contract work for the company Swurveys. Swurveys is a company that create no type all swipe swurveys. The plugin I create allows swurveys to be used in unity projects including VR.

Traveling Sales Man

Graph Display In Progress

This project displays graphs and alterations to the graph. This is being used to see if there is a faster way to solve the traveling salesman problem. Including removeing edges and smallest cycle.

A Tale Of Pixels In Progress

Is a video game that will have the player travel through different genres and types of games and alter their surroundings by finding and using 'abilities' which change the play style of the game in order to solve puzzles.

Ce11 Ongoing

Ce11 is first person game, where you use a phone in order to get around a mysteriously empty laboratory. Collect apps, get updates. This game is also planned to have a companion app to simulate the in-game phone.

Minstrel's Dungeon Ongoing

This game is to construct dungeons to move the character through. Each piece of the dungeon has music notes on them. By placing them in a particular order the player can then pass over them to play a song a to complete a level.

Galaxia 2.0 Complete

This is a top-down shooter based game with upgraded-able skills, weapons, and air crafts. This game was originally created and published. We took the game and updated and added new features. (As a maintenance project)